ABLE specializes in two different types of Residential Services: Host Homes and Family Caregivers.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients find great homes as we work toward our general mission of Working Together to Create A Better Life Experience.

Host Homes

ABLE has helped find and maintain great host home placements for a wide variety of clients throughout the greater Denver-Boulder area as well as Grand Junction. ABLE contracts with well trained, experienced, background verified independent contractors as host home providers for our clients.

At ABLE, we strive to provide our clients with lasting host home placements they can call home for many years. We take time and consideration with all of our placements to ensure that our clients and their providers will be a good match with each other.

Family Caregivers

Since 2012, clients receiving comprehensive services have had the option of living with, or under the supervision of, a family member instead of being limited to group homes and host homes. ABLE has proudly helped many clients receive the care and services they need while living with their family members.

Family caregivers are paid by ABLE as Independent Contractors and are provided with all of the state-mandated trainings at their convenience.

Becoming a family caregiver can be an intimidating endeavor. We at ABLE are well experienced at helping new family caregivers adapt to the changes that ensue. We make every effort to make the transition as simple and unobtrusive as possible.

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